Short biography

Visual artist, musician and composer, Tony Di Napoli studied at the school of fine arts of Saint Luc Liège in Belgium. He is interested in sound as a material to be sculpted. 

Since 1992, he has been developing research on musical instruments made from limestone.

In 2002, with a grant from Belgium SPES Foundation, his research led him during 8 months to Vietnam where he studied prehistoric Vietnamese lithophones and learned the technique for tuning stones. 

He is interested in interferences, frictions, beats, and physical relationship of the vibrations with the body and rooms that receive them.

He presents his work in concerts, sound installations, and regularly gives workshops in schools, music conservatories and museums. 

He regularly collaborates with the Henri Pousseur Center in Liège (B) in the context of commissions for sound installations and musical compositions developing links between electronics and sounding stones and with the exhibition curator Michal Libera for projects in Poland, Italy, Holland, Germany.

Since January 2019, invited by L’Ensemble Calliopée, he is in residence at the National Archaeology Museum of Saint Germain en Laye.